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Global Rank   – 84,943                                                                                                                                          

Rank in United States

United States Flag 17,346                                                                         graph

Averaging over 17,000 listeners 24/7 every three hour show.
(Just on our station alone,  these stats do not include the other 490+ the KWR Player is on. )
*Our radio player is played on over 490 other 420 industry websites
*We are played at many Hemp Fest intermissions, start and endings
Head shops, 420 events  and dispensaries around the world
(as we play our partner’s on-air ads and great 420 tunes)
Just a few sites our station is played on:


We are willing to work with all levels of business advertisers.  If you have questions about adjusting our advertising rates to meet your budget, please contact us right away– we will work with you!


Web Ad means  a hyperlinked text ad of a 150×150 graphic ad placed directly on our front page increasing your web ranking within hours and tons of Marijuana visitors to your site and products.


You supply the graphic ad or we can create it for you for a one-time fee of $49.99 (the graphic is yours to keep and use anywhere you like.)   * Web Ads are $120.00 for 30 days with a three month commitment. :






Audio Ad means a 30-second radio spot for your company or brand.  You supply the audio ad or we can create it for you for a one-time fee of $49.99 (the ad is yours to keep and use anywhere you like.) Audio Ads are for one FULL Year at only $800.00 per Year.







Interview means we will have you on LIVE, replays and in our archives  where you can demonstrate and explain your products and services.  Interview are $200.00 per interview approx 30 – 55 mins.





Twitter Advertising 

* For $150 per month:
Marijuana Social Advertising We follow you on Twitter and RT your site/products on all
accounts listed below, throughout the entire month!              11.8K              56.1K         121K ( twitter partner )

* With three month paid commitment to advertising.

  420 Banner Advertising:  


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