Bong Buddy Reviews

Bong Buddy   – Bong Buddy Reviews Bong Buddy is the retractable lighter leash for your bong that combines simple, sleek design with the ultimate effectiveness for a smokers’ most common problem. Losing lighters is annoying and can be unnecessari... read more


Cannabis has become lavish, which means you’re gonna need the Cannador humidor to be a true cannabis connoisseur. The Cannador is an airtight humidification box for short- and long-term storage of herbs, tobacco, teas, or spices. The exterior is made wi... read more

420 packaging

420 Packaging, your one-stop Wholesale shop for all your Dispensaries, Collectives, and Co-op packaging needs. We are currently running a promotion for FREE SHIPPING! on any orders over $349.00. (exclusions apply click for details) Discreet packaging at n... read more

PAX Vaporizer

The Pax Vaporizer by Ploom is a portable delivery device that now brings vaporization into the executive and corporate world. This is the kind of vaporizer that you figure a stock broker or a lawyer would use, and that’s solely based off of looks. This ... read more

420 Cleaner kit

420 Cleaner kit – Product Review A patient’s medicine deserves to be consistently utilized through a clean, transparent glass piece. Whether that means a bong, a bowl or even a water pipe, there is nothing better than enjoying the benefits of a happy ... read more