The Pax Vaporizer by Ploom is a portable delivery device that now brings vaporization into the executive and corporate world. This is the kind of vaporizer that you figure a stock broker or a lawyer would use, and that’s solely based off of looks. This particular product has also gotten incredibly popular thanks to being incredibly small and stealth-like.

Priced at around $250, the price should not deter patients away from wanting to explore this device. While the initial act of smoking or combustion involves drawing hot, burning air into the lungs, a product like the Pax manages to provide patients with the sweetest vapor, free of any harmful chemicals or additives. A substantial amount safer than the method of the average smoker, vaporizing is clearly an ideal situation if you’re trying to medicate.

The device itself is about as tall as an iPhone 5, but noticeably thicker. Modern, simplified, and intuitive to use, there are not enough great adjectives to describe the efficacy of this portable vaporizer. Personally speaking, this is one of the more pleasant smoking experiences that one could ever have with a dry herb vaporizer.

For an inexperienced individual that has not spent an endless amount of time navigating the web and shelves of smoke shops, this complete differs from any bong or pipes you could come across. The best comparison between this device and other strictly dry-herb vaporizers is similar to the difference between doing a shot of cheap tequila and sipping a really great fine one. Quality is an undeniable trait, one that consumers frequently search for when choosing a heft investment such as a vaporizer.

The only complaint that I have with the Pax is a minor one, and it lies within the area of temperature. It has nothing to do with the internal temperature – that much is perfect – but it instead has to do with the area near the mouth piece. The fact that it can get pretty hot around the mouthpiece is only occasionally uncomfortable if your lips are directly pressed against it. While this isn’t entirely the end of the world or a complete make-or-break area, it is sometimes annoying.

Bottom-line, the Pax Vaporizer is one of the best dry herb vaporizers that we have come across. For the advanced smoker, this is a revolutionary style of vaporizing that has never been seen before

PAX Vaporizer

PAX Vaporizer



PAX Vaporizer

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